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Ancient Mesopotamia
Assyria Nineveh
Arslan Tash Til Barsip
Iran Palace of Darius
Phoenicia Arabia Palmyra
Levant Syrian coast
Ougarit Byblos
Great Sphinx The Nile
Leisure Temple
The mummy
Book of the Dead
Old and New Kingdom
Writing and scribes
Campana room
Room of Bronzes
Caryatids Room
Roman art
Julio-Claudian Period
Late Antiquity
Gaul, Africa and Syria
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100 350 50 200
A 12
A 18-19
A 21
A 23
A 42
AF 2913
AF 5556
AF 6265
AM 1176
AM 778
AO 4462
AO 11188
AO 11489
AO 11503
AO 11505
AO 11566
AO 11601
AO 11606
AO 1220
AO 12456
AO 13092
AO 1310
AO 14680
AO 14714
AO 14957,
AO 1505
AO 15704
AO 15775
AO 16716
AO 17000
AO 17557
AO 190
AO 19222
AO 19520
AO 19801
AO 19807
AO 19812
AO 19825
AO 19827
AO 19829
AO 19857
AO 19861
AO 19873
AO 19888
AO 19904
AO 19906
AO 19939
Between Osiris and his son Horus King
Feet of a giant head of King Amenhotep III
Great Sphinx to the lines of King Amenemhat II
Scribe seated cross-legged
Amulet on behalf of Darius
Fragment of tapestry decorated handled crosses
Coptic stela
Fertility idol
Just suffering
Storm god brandishing lightning
Ivories of Hazael
Ishtar tell Ahmar
Stele Til Barsip
Ea, the god of the abyss
Goddess nourishing goats
Decorated tripod grenades
Registered capital
Ishtar holding his weapon
Stele depicting the god of the storm
Hebrew inscription of Siloam
Bull said the "Golden Calf"
Vase long spout
Stele Tayma
Worshiping Larsa
Stele of "Baal at first sight"
Vase of the goddess Ishtar
Libation vase of god Ningishzida
Stele of scribe Tarhunpiyas
Lion Statue
Triad Beelshamên
Lion head, gatekeepers
Painting the officer's sacrifice
Temple lions
Liver divination
Winged bulls with human faces
Hero mastering a lion
Sargon II and a dignitary
Transport of cedar of Lebanon
King Ashurbanipal on his chariot
Elamite relief to prisoners
Prism F shipments of King Ashurbanipal     


AO 2
AO 2000
AO 20127
AO 20147
AO 20185
AO 21118
AO 21689
AO 21814
AO 22126
AO 22187
AO 22897
AO 2332
AO 2354
AO 2371
AO 2417
AO 26169
AO 2634
AO 2761
AO 2776
AO 29433
AO 29583
AO 3026-7
AO 3027
AO 3771
AO 4106
AO 4153
AO 4565
AO 4806
AO 4818
AO 50
AO 5032
AO 5033
AO 5042
AO 5061
AO 5066
AO 5244
AO 5991
AO 6020
AO 6033
AO 6216
AO 6446
AO 6448
AO 6450
AO 6458
AO 6483
AO 6501
AO 6555
AO 6620
AO 6724
AO 7025
AO 7098
AO 75
AO 76
AO 7672
AO 7682
AO 7747
AO 8895
AO 9034
AO 9504
AO 9647
AOD 488
Architect statue called the plan
Funerary relief
Statue of naked goddess standing
Jar to the Dead Sea Scrolls
Relief commemorating restoration Babylon
Lion passant
Model Sanctuary
Electrum cup
Called "the overflowing vase" statue (statue N)     
Weight with crescent
Vase colossal
Enki / Ea god of the deep freshwater
Votive relief of Dudu, priest Ningirsu
Ishtar, the fertility déeese
Sun-god Shamah
Mosaic harpist
Vase of pageantry in the name of Xerxes
Bas-relief dedicated to the goddess Ninsun,
Fragmentary stele victory
Cylinder seals and stamps of Susa
Ship Models
Stele of the priest If Gabbor
Ring: jeweled kitten sign of Tanit
Horned dragon head
Creation myth archaic
Seat votive called "Throne Asharté"
Sarcophagus Eshmunazor II, King of Sidon
Victory stele of King Eannatum
Greek inscription of Herod's temple
Tomb of St. Jacques
Relief at the seven-branched candelabrum
Votive Stand Pompeia Lucilia
Stele of King Mesha
Votive stele
Urn containing burnt bones
Tablet of the god Enki
Model of sheep gut
Seal inscribed in Hebrew
Lamentation over the destruction of Ur
Zodiac calendar
Extracts of a treaty of Babylonian astrology
Hymn to Ishtar (15)
Astronomical observations and horoscopes
Bas-relief of a winged goddess naked
Tablet called "Esagil"
Cylinder seal of the priest king
Sumerian creation myth
List of dynastic kings of Larsa
Letter Biridiya, prince of Megiddo
Babylonian contract
Magic formula and treatment
Fragments of the annals of Sennacherib
Conspiracy against the evil eye
Demon Humbaba
Statue of Ur-Ningirsu
Hittite god figurine
Tomb of Jehoshaphat
Capital of a column
Frieze of Archers    
B 49
B 56
Bj 1923-1924
Bj 2404
Br 1119
Br 1136-1137
Br 1472
Br 158
Br 1685
Br 1882
Br 410
Br 4236
Br 4323
Br 4391
Br 4430
Br 4480
Br 4757
Br 551
All "false door" Mery
Foreign princes
Cups to skeletons
Fibula plate (obverse)
Adonis Tammmuz
Victorious athlete making a libation
Greek mirror box
Cup of Caesarea in Palestine
Dedication to the Syrian Atargatis Déeesse
Janus Head     
C 213
C 286
46 C
C 86
CA 1202
CA 1797
CA 1822
CA 1840
CA 399
CA 625
CA 675
CA 808
CA 844
Cp 5194
Cp 6363
Cp 6399
Cp 9641
Hormin rewarded by Seti I
Hymn to Osiris
Stele "false door" unfinished
Egyptian and foreign gods
Artemis of Ephesus
Cybele seated on a throne
Cut off and the lid
Cover cut off?
Head of Zeus
Mask of Dionysus
Relief: naked divinity
Female head hairstyle Empress Poppea
Sarcophagus, called "Sarcophagus of the Spouses"
Emperor Augustus
Emperor Constans I?
Plastic vase: komast squatting
D 38
DAO 96
E 10958
E 11006
E 11076
E 11270
E 11565
E 11938
E 13416
E 14374
E 14687
E 17107 bis
E 17118
E 17400
E 185
E 18876
E 21324
E 25276
E 25360
E 25499
E 27112
E 27113
E 27203
E 283
E 3023
E 3089
E 30890
E 32171
E 4850
E 4874
E 6204
E 678, E 681
E 913
F 277
G 112
G 407
G 482
G 92
INV 279
INV 1124
Inv 1296
inv 138    
inv 1419
inv 142
inv 238
INV 2895
INV 3820
Inv 423
Inv 5489
inv 592
Inv 6680      
inv 677
Inv 8016   
Inv 8020
Inv 8036     
inv 8037     
inv 8216     
Inv 8495
INV. 8005
K 243
Dendera Zodiac
Statue of human form
Mastaba funerary chapel
Letter in hieratic
King Akhenaten
Panel of Christ and Abbot Mena
Loft style
Tilapia nilotica
Royal Children gather grapes
Censer in arms
Furniture foot bronze
Panel of the Virgin at the Annunciation
Funerary papyrus Sérimen
Goddess Maat with the ankh
Four vases "canopic" of Horemsaf
Ankh enclosing one end cross
King Taharqa
Letter written on papyrus
High Steward Hékatefnakht
King Akhenaten
Queen Cleopatra VII
Figurine Bitch
Seated Scribe
Mummy of a ram
Name of King Alexander in hieroglyphics
Horus rider
Triad of Osorkon II
Game board
Panathenaic amphora, B-side current athletes
Dionysian cult
Volute krater, Side B: Hoplites
Cutting red figures inside: Athletes
Emperor Domitian
The Last Supper
Passion of Christ FRANCKEN
Esther and Ahasuerus Veronese
Institution of the Eucharist
Veronese's Wedding at Cana     
Meeting of Abraham and Mechisédech
Battle of Arbela
Dante and Virgil in Hell
Triumph of Titus and Vespasian
Resurrection of Lazarus Jean JOUVENET     
Triumph of David ROSSELLI
Heavenly glory (patriarchal cross)
Return of the prodigal son SPADA   
Jesus carrying his cross THE SWEAT
St Paul preaching at Ephesus
Saint Bruno papal cross)
Institution des Chartreux Le Sueur (Tonsure)
Esther fainting JF Troy
Christ on the cross (Latin)
Absolution of Theodosius
LP 243
LL 399
MI 655
My 1226
My 1243
My 1248
My 1255
My 266
My 3089
MA 3499
My 399
My 436
My 46
MAO 426
MAO 824
MI 285
MI 674      
ML 22
MNB 1511
MNB 1848   
MNB 1905
MNB 467
MNC 1287
MNC 1396
MNC 1496
MNC 487
MND 1911
MND 2050
MND 2224
MND 2272
MND 312
MND 552
MND 576
MND 969
MNE 656
MR 141
MR 152
MR 156
MR 159
MR 193
MR 2075
MR 238
MR 267
MR 269
MR 269
MR 272
MR 358
MR 369
MR 427
MR 457
MR 551
MR 675
MR 720
MR 886
MR 99
MRR 269
19 Myr
N 1150
N 2627
N 2892
N 3073
N 3076
N 390
N 515
Soldier of Marathon announcing the victory
Relief called Domitius Ahenobarbus
Emperor Tiberius
Emperor Tiberius
Aphrodite sandal
Alexander the Great, Alexander said Guimet
Aphrodite, known as Venus de Milo
Portrait of Alexander the Great said Hermes Azara
Alexander the Great
Decorated vase
Celestial globe
Temptation of Christ, Ary Scheffer     
Altarpiece of St. Denis (cross T)
Gudea cylinder
New Year ritual in Babylon
Statuette of the Assyrian demon Pazuzu
Table of martyrs
Statue of Cybele seated
Censer surmounted by a Maltese cross
Emperor Augustus
Relief mithriatique double sided
Seleucus Nicator
Dalle Chancel
Tablet and Notebook schoolchildren
Funeral mosaic Karthago
Head athletic
Basin liturgical showcase 1
Artemis in the deer, called "Diana of Versailles"
Artemis (Diana) of "type Rospigliosi '
Athlete disk
Milo of Croton
Hermes sandal
Flaying of Marsyas (No. My usual 542)
Hermes (Mercury) said Hermes Richelieu
Statue of Emperor Titus
Emperor Augustus
Ptolemy Soter
Angels reliquary
Female head of "l \ 'Aphrodite of Knidos \' \ '
Dionysus and the Seasons
Tank sarcophagus
Diane called Artemis Gabii
Aphrodite of Knidos
The Passover
Mummy covered his "cardboard"
Head mummy ram
Book of anonymous dead
Funeral hangings
Apis bull
Sphinx King Apries     
OA 1207
OA 1985
OA 3297
OA 4052
OA 67
OA 70
OA 71
OA 77
OA 8259
OA 8329
OA 994
RF 1988
RF 2536
RF 4718
RF 1640
RF 1983-25
RF 2642
RF 2824
RF 196
RF 1962-1
RF 1981-48
RF 1983-64
RF 1990-29
RF 1991-3
RF 21, 2006
RF 2427
RF 2716
RF 2749
RF 3023
RF 3025
RF 3083
RF 85
RF 1949
Sb 14084
Sb 185
Sb 2
Sb 22
Sb 23
Sb 2723
Sb 2743
Sb 2758
Sb 3
Sb 3153
Sb 3181
Sb 4
Sb 48
Sb 54
Sb 6567
Sb 7     
Sb 8     
Th 111
Stained glass window depicting Herod and Salome
Emperor Augustus
Chess Piece: Adam and Eve
Sacrifice of Cain and Abel, Plate
Statuette: Trinity
Round Watch: Herod, Herodias and Salome
Plaque: The Baptism of Christ LAUDIN     
Coronation of the Virgin, Queen of Heaven
Head of St. Augustine
Baptism of Christ C. van Haarlem
Baptism of Christ RUDE
The Last Supper Mathieu Le Nain     
Beheading of St. John the Baptist
Calvary (cross T)
Painted cross
Christ Healing the Paralytic
Triumph of David MANFREDI   
Jephthah's daughter BAZZANI
The Pandemonium
Tower of Babel
Vertumnus and Pomona
Mercury Attaching his Wings
Bacchante with tambourine
Funerary Stela with an Armenian cross
Pan and Syrinx 1979 RF
Founding charter Darius Old Persian
Table decorated with snakes and deities
Summit victory stele of a king of Akkad
Kudurru King Meli-Shipak II
Grand kudurru King Melishipak II
Vase Stash
Called "Sit Shamsi 'ceremony
Worshiping gold
Fragmentary victory stele of a king of Akkad
Cup with geometric and animal
Greek Cross
Victory stele of Naram-Sin, king of Akkad
Statue Manishtusu
Statue of the goddess Narundi
Mask demon Humbaba
Scene libation to the god Shamash
Code of Hammurabi
Cup washer Xerxes
Model of the ruins of the palace of Mari

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